Rehabilitation Center

Just One Push

Behind the tainted picture of society, lie secret faces of hidden serenity, requiring just one right push, to bring forth the bright side of humans,
having deep courage, enormous potential & an unmatched will power to push human limits

Treatment Options

There is a great variety of treatment options, such as integrated treatment, counseling, residential rehab, and AA and NA groups

Stupidity, Ignorance, Greed

Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs,
we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.

Akal De – Addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre, Cheema Sahib

Our Akal De-addiction Centre situated at Cheema Sahib, Sangrur is licensed for 30 beds and ensures requisite staff as per requirement of the licensing authority. It also has a fully organized out patient department (OPD). The treatment costs are kept as low as possible. Poor (BPL) and needy cases are given fee concessions. Relapse cases are also given fee concession so as to encourage such patients to re-seek treatment.
All types of basic amenities are available in the centre premises. The in-patients are provided with fresh and nutritious food, fruits and tea etc. Round the clock nursing facility is there to take care of the patients.
Spirituality is an essential component (apart from psychological and medical ones) of the over all management and treatment of addiction patients in our Centre. For this purpose a structured time table is followed. Counseling and psychotherapy related services are provided to each and every patient and the respective family members.
All types of latest medicines are used to treat the patients. It is ensured that adequate stock of all these medicines is maintained. The prescribed medicines are dispensed to patients visiting the OPD for follow-up and treatment. The indirect aim of providing such a facility is to encourage a regular follow-up on the part of patients. The record of the patients is properly kept and maintained. This Centre has its own computerized lab to do routine blood and urine tests.
In a span of less than a decade since its inception in the year 2004, Akal De-addiction Centre has emerged as a popular joint for addiction treatment amongst the addiction afflicted populace, both local and abroad.[ssba]

Support Generously

Akal Charitable Hospital which serves many in this remote and backward region of the Himachal Pradesh, free of charge. The helplessness of the people here would touch any heart if only it were known. The hospital depends upon public charity for its maintenance. Quite a large number of patients come here daily across hills and dales, sometimes trudging a distance of 80 or 100 km for medical help. And they are provided prompt and sympathetic medical treatment with modern and tested medicines collected from distant places with great care. The treatment is provided absolutely free of cost.

How We Do?

Rural North India
Since the 1990s alcohol consumption and drug misuse levels has increased enormously in the state of Punjab. This has been accompanied by a disturbing increase in drug and alcohol related problems, including those involving young people.
A preliminary study by the Punjab Health Department showed that more than 40 percent of those aged 15-25 were addicts. A survey by the Institute for Development and Communication (IDC) found over 60 percent of households are affected by alcohol abuse (IDC 2003). Over two third of the victims were regular alcohol users and 26 percent illicit drug users. 18 percent reported that alcohol and drug abuse was an important cause of suicide by farmers.
Patients come with issues of substance misuse, legal problems, relational conflicts, homelessness, unemployment, and most importantly, a need for spiritual awakening and restoration.
Our Investment
Over the last 14 years, The Kalgidhar Society Rehabilitation Center in the rural North India provides an in-residence rehabilitation program with a focus on basic necessities.
The alcohol free movement under the pattern of the ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ is proving as a saviour against marital discords and exploitation of the womenfolk. Each beneficiary is provided with a clean and healthy living environment, good food, work therapy, leisure time activities, group and individual counseling, spiritual direction, and resources to assist each person to develop life skills and a personal relationship with Almighty.
The treatment is done through yoga sessions and daily meditation. Emphasis is laid to turn their maximum attention towards spirituality.
Changing Lives
The stupendous 80% success rate is believed to be the result of spiritual atmosphere prevailing here. The treatment is done through yoga sessions and daily meditation. Emphasis is laid to turn their maximum attention towards spirituality. Medicines are used to a very lesser extent.
Regular follow-ups of the discharged cases by the doctors and volunteers of The Kalgidhar Society in their home town is another reason for this success rate. It has been observed in the follow-up visits that the discharged patients transform into totally newer personalities after their 6 weeks’ stay at the center.
They remain regular in reciting on the Divine Name and inspire other addicts to denounce drug-addiction and alcoholism.

Our Impact

  • 5,844 Abuse Patients Treated82%
  • 3,308 Indoor Patients68%
  • 2,536 OPD Patients56%
  • 22,105 Visits Recorded in OPD75%
  • Dave S. Maan & Rani Maan, Operation Rainbow, Canada, 13767-55A Avenue, Surrey
    We are greatful for the opportunity to have come here and spent 12 days in God’s Country. Beatiful vibrations, great views, excellent hikes, lovely children, generous hosts, good and spiritual discussions, innocent laughter. If heaven is possible in the realm of this world, it is here. To say “Thank You” will be seriously understanding our sentiments. Our vocabulary fails to describe our feelings of gratitude and bliss.
    Dave S. Maan & Rani Maan, Operation Rainbow, Canada, 13767-55A Avenue, Surrey
  • KPMG, cutting through complexity
    Kalgidhar Society aims to build superior human Character and high moral values as a way to establish permanent world peace.
    KPMG, cutting through complexity
  • Tarlochan Singh MP (RS) , Former Chairman, National Minorities Commission, New Delhi
    What I heard, it is much more than that. This is a place worth visiting and taking a part in this movement. Students of villages are being given Free Education and all other facilities. The Rural School results are highly impressive. Government of India, Indian State Governments & Punjab Chief Minister should adopt this as a Model. Foreign students are happy. Baba Iqbal Singh is a blessed soul. May Satguru give all success to The Kalgidhar Trust!
    Tarlochan Singh MP (RS) , Former Chairman, National Minorities Commission, New Delhi
  • Siddharth Chattopadhyaya, IG/Prov. BSF/HO’s, New Delhi
    A Divine experience. The inspiration behind this tremendous task shines in every part of this complex. Our prayers are offered to the almighty at this house of the Lord so that his mission is fully accomplished
    Siddharth Chattopadhyaya, IG/Prov. BSF/HO’s, New Delhi